5 Reasons to Choose Regenexx as your Trusted alternative to Orthopedic Surgery.

Is there a valid alternative to having orthopedic surgery? In some cases, absolutely! When it comes to using your body’s own, natural healing agents to treat orthopedic injuries and arthritis, Regenexx is known as the most trusted name in the field. Our practice in Pennsylvania has its own Regenexx Pennsylvania office at Advanced PainCare and BioHealth Institute in Camp Hill. What makes Regenexx procedures so special?

  1. Regenexx has published roughly half of all research world-wide in the field of regenerative orthopedics, so when we say we’re the authorities, we mean it. Regenexx has a dedicated research and development team with a university level laboratory where protocols and treatment techniques are created, studied, and refined. Every patient and every Regenexx procedure is tracked in a registry, assuring quality care.

  2. Regenexx only chooses the best physicians with the best training to become Regenexx affiliated physicians. Only a small percentage of interested doctors are accepted as members of the Regenexx network. Regenexx physicians are required to demonstrate superior injection skills in a variety of complex, image-guided procedures.  Santo, at the Regenexx Pennsylvania office, has over 30 years of image-guided injection experience. And she, like all Regenexx physicians, receives ongoing training.

  3. Each Regenexx office has an on-site laboratory. This allows us to customize each treatment for the individual patient. No bedside centrifuge can offer the degree of cell concentration and customization that a lab tech, working under a hood can. The lab is tested by an independent company on a regular basis to ensure quality and sterility.

  4. Because the Regenexx doctors are experts in the use of image-guidance, we can pinpoint and treat joint injuries precisely. For example, someone with a meniscus tear in their knee would not receive just an injection into the joint. We would identify the meniscus tear with ultrasound and inject it directly, along with any slack medial or lateral collateral ligaments. A More thorough approach to care means better outcomes from Regenexx procedures.

  5. Correctly identifying the issues causing pain is an important first step in treatment. You’ll get a thorough physical exam and discuss x-rays and MRI findings with the doctor at your evaluation. Then, based on your symptoms, your exam, and your imaging studies the Regenexx physician can formulate a treatment plan. Each plan is customized for an individual patient.

Success Story

Polly came to us in October 2023 with arthritis in both knees that had been causing her pain for several years.  After bone marrow concentrate injections to her right knee joint in December 2023 she returned for follow-up on February 6, 2024. This is her follow-up comment:

"Just great...absolutely great"

“I have been experiencing moderate to severe knee pain for several years. I wasn’t ready for a total knee replacement. When my employer offered Regenexx I decided to give it a shot and wow…I have zero pain in my right knee and even my left knee is better because I’m walking better. I truly am so pleased…the staff is so friendly and helped me every step of the way. One of the best “doctor” experiences I’ve ever had. I would not hesitate to recommend this procedure and Regenexx to anyone.”
~ Polly

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