Image Guided Injections

Doctor checking patients arm with a medical machine

Injection therapy is often recommended for treatment of acute and chronic pain. Injections are often preferred over medications due to their relatively low risk and substantial benefits. But for injection therapy to be effective it must be precise. That’s why Dr. Santo performs injections with X-ray or ultrasound guidance.

Fluoroscopically guided injections use real time XR cinematography to show the unique skeletal anatomy of each patient and the passage of a needle to the target. This method of injection is considerably more precise and successful than the old-fashioned “blind” injection of years ago. Contrast injection further confirms accurate needle position. Injections for spine pain treatment and diagnosis use this XR guidance technology.

Ultrasound works without any radiation exposure and is the best way for a physician to see joint and soft tissue anatomy in an office setting. Gone are the days when joint injections are performed “blindly.” The joint and any fluid in the joint can be seen before, during and after injection.

For pain relief, injections can be more effective than oral medicine because they deliver medication directly to the source of pain. Typically, a steroid/local anesthetic injection delivers a powerful anti-inflammatory solution directly to the involved area. Depending on the type of injection and condition, pain relief may be long-lasting or temporary.

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