Offering Regenexx Therapies in Central Pennsylvania

Pain in the joints or the spine is difficult to live with, but fortunately for patients in central Pennsylvania, there are options. At Advanced PainCare and BioHealth Institute in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, we treat a wide range of ailments with Regenexx, a trusted alternative to orthopedic surgery and steroid injections for acute or chronic orthopedic pain. By triggering the body’s natural healing ability, many of our patients are able to find long-term relief from their symptoms.

What Is Regenexx?

When it comes to chronic pain, Regenexx is the most advanced treatment available. It’s an effective and non-invasive alternative to surgery that uses a simple injection of your own concentrated bone marrow to promote your body’s natural ability to heal. It’s an appropriate treatment for a variety of ailments, including:

  • ​Tennis or golfer’s elbow
  • Chronic neck or back pain
  • Wrist and ankle pain
  • Torn rotator cuff or meniscus
  • Arthritis of the knee, hand, shoulder, or ankle

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Traditionally, the only solutions to chronic joint and spine pain were fusions or replacement. Not only are those options risky, but they also come with longer periods of recovery. After Regenexx, on the other hand, patients can stand and walk on the same day of the procedure. Most patients experience no downtime at all and can return to their normal lives immediately.

How Regenexx Works

The human body is made of billions of cells. Each kind of cell is specialized for its purpose as part of an organ, like the brain, skin, muscles, tendons, or bone. These cells are constantly dying and being replaced by new cells born from a unique kind of cell: stem cells. When your body’s tissues are damaged by injury, overuse, or deterioration, they start to lose their ability to produce new cells. This leads to tissues breaking down and becoming weak, resulting in chronic pain, and interfering with normal limb functions.

​To solve this issue, Regenexx boosts the body’s natural regeneration process. To do this, we take bone marrow from your iliac crest. This concentrated bone marrow, containing your own stem cells, is then injected into the injured area using x-ray or ultrasound guidance by a highly trained physician. The cells will integrate with the tissue and begin producing new cells, halting the breakdown and even reversing it.

The Difference in Our Care

At Advanced PainCare and BioHealth Institute, we take a thorough and personalized approach to chronic pain treatment. We consider every aspect of the injury, including stability, articulation, neuromuscular status, and symmetry (SANS). Between our comprehensive evaluations and advanced data systems, we can help patients achieve better results that last longer.

Patients who visit our center for Regenexx treatment will have the chance to work with Dr. Jean Louise Santo. An expert in this advanced procedure, she utilizes an on-site lab to process bone marrow with Regenexx proprietary protocols that took years to develop.

Solve Joint Pain Today

Though Advanced PainCare and BioHealth Institute is located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, we’ve served patients along the East Coast with our state-of-the-art Regenexx procedures. To find out more about how to unlock your body’s healing potential, contact Dr. Santo today to have your joint pain evaluated for Regenexx treatment.