Regenerative Therapy

At Advanced PainCare we are wholly committed to staying abreast of the latest evidence based therapeutics for pain, especially if those therapeutics offer a safer, more natural alternative to our current therapies for resolving pain. Providing platelet–rich plasma (PRP) and bone marrow -derived stem cell injections is an example of how we’ve integrated the latest state of the art therapies into our practice to provide world-class care close to home.

These therapies take advantage of our bodies’ embedded programming and biochemicals to restore damaged tissues and reduce pain. Platelets contain granules with growth factors that, when activated, trigger a cascade of healing reactions in tissues. Stem-cells have the ability to reproduce the target tissue where they are injected; they know what type of tissue to grow into based on their genetic programming.

As a Regenexx® Network Affiliate office we offer only the latest, evidence based regenerative therapies for musculoskeletal conditions. Read More About Regenexx®.

Hear about this innovative therapy direct from a patient: