Comprehensive, compassionate,
care for your pain.

At Advanced PainCare and BioHealth Institute, we approach each patient holistically. We understand that each patient who comes to us for an evaluation is more than a sore knee or an aching back. We are complex individuals, and getting to the root of a presenting complaint is important. This takes time. For instance, Dr. Santo will spend about an hour with patients considering Regenexx procedures. This allows for a thorough exam, an educated diagnosis and a detailed discussion of treatment options.

This same thorough approach is used when patients present with less specific health concerns such as fatigue or intractable widespread pain. As a patient in our BioHealth Institute we will spend time taking a thorough medical history, including dietary habits and exercise regimens. We will order a panel of baseline labs to delineate your health status from a variety of perspectives. Nutritional, hormonal, inflammatory and metabolic markers are key to our assessment of your issues. Only then can a holistic, well considered health plan be recommended. By wisely replacing deficient nutrients with all-natural vitamins and supplements (both oral an IV), by balancing hormones and by instituting diet changes and appropriate exercise out patients can make dramatic health gains.

For those patients suffering from chronic infection we offer the only professional strength silver hydrosol product on the market, Argentyn 23. This revolutionary silver hydrosol is safer and much more effective than colloidal silver for treating chronic infections and inflammation. It is available only through licensed health care practitioners.