A Personalized Plan for Weight Loss and Wellness

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A new year, a new you. That’s what we say to ourselves, right? We want to lose weight, eat healthier, begin to exercise. We hope. We pray. Maybe we plan. But do we act? If you are like most of us, the action part is where you get stuck. Where do you start on such a daunting task? At Advanced PainCare and BioHealth Institute, we know how to begin and how to help you hang in there. And, because no two people are the same, our approach to Wellness and Weight Loss is customized to each person’s needs, preferences, medical history, and goals. That’s right. There’s no one-size fits all approach to diet and exercise.

So, how does the Advanced PainCare and BioHealth Institute Weight Loss Program work? We have learned that most patients desiring to lose weight have tried many programs and have had partial or no lasting success. Often, this is because there are underlying medical issues that have not been recognized or treated appropriately. For example, unrecognized or untreated testosterone deficiency in men makes weight loss so much more difficult. The same holds true for untreated thyroid dysfunction in men or women. In a similar way, failing to address high blood insulin levels, elevated blood cardiac risk, or inflammatory markers will not serve the patient well because significant medical issues will remain and may be negatively impacted by dietary choices.

It’s no wonder so many approaches to weight loss fail. Each person has their own medical issues, preferences, genetics, and weight loss histories. At Advanced PainCare and BioHealth Institute, our approach to each patient reflects these unique characteristics. Our individualized approach allows us to improve your overall health and maximize your weight loss.

We begin by ordering a panel of comprehensive blood tests to check for an array of vitamin levels, hormone levels, cardiac and inflammatory risk markers, and metabolic indicators. Almost always these blood tests reveal areas that need attention to improve health and make weight loss easier. The results may also suggest dietary items to avoid or to increase. And in some cases, select patients need a little help with prescription therapy to diminish their appetite. We will also make exercise suggestions dependent upon health status and preferences.

Best of all, Jamie Shirey, CRNP, our weight loss specialist, will hang in there with you. She is committed to your weight loss and health. She will take time to talk to you, get to know you, and learn about your concerns and health goals. She will encourage you, challenge you, and educate you to give you every advantage to take the weight off, keep it off, and live a healthier life.

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